Art and Literature Magazine – Album Letras Artes

Wyndham Lewis, Museos de Berna, Lord Leighton, Eugenio Trías, Paul Klee, Monet, Wisdom

Content Spring 2010

  • Beauty, truth, tenacity. Antonio Colinas

  • Art and aesthetic experience. José Antonio Marina

  • Editors´ letter. Joaquín Lledó & Jesús Tablate Miquis

  • Crown and archaeology. In the age of enlightenment. The Royal Palace of Madrid. José Crecente

  • Taurus. From myth to the ritual. Bilbao Museum of fine arts. Foundation BBK

  • Anna Malagrida. Edwin Beaton

  • A flower and its modulations. Javier Abella

  • Estartus. The spiral reveals mythical contents that have remained hidden in the mind or in the landscape. Félix Ruiz de la Puerta

  • Iron ways 2010. Foundation of the Spanish railways

  • A century of art in Spain. Museo Casa de la Moneda, Madrid

  • The Guggenheim Museum Collection. Bilbao. P Avilleira

  • Monet and the abstraction. Thyssen Bornemisza Museum / Fundación Caja Madrid. Magali Berenguer & Federico Echevarria

  • Wyndham Lewis. Fundación Juan March. Madrid. Joaquín lledo

  • lord Leighton. A world of light and beauty. C. de Sobregrau & Jesús Tablate Miquis

  • Bern and its treasures. Ana Rimblas & Jesús Tablate Miquis

  • Museo of fine arts in Bern. Jesús Tablate Miquis

  • Zentrum Paul Klee. Ana Rimblas

  • In the search of the East. Paul Klee

  • Klee meets Picasso. Romantic spirituality and Mediterranean exuberance

  • Antonio vega. Light passenger. Carlos Villarrubia

  • Written architecture. Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid. Joaquín Lledó

  • The tale of the naked King. (Reflections concerning the shark of twelve million dollars). Jesús Tablate Miquis