Art and Literature Magazine – Album Letras Artes

Ghirlandaio, Turner, american landscape, Albert Von Keller, german painting, Alberto Colinas

Contents Summer 2010

  • Balenciaga. The design of the limit. Bilbao Museum of fine arts. Foundation BBK

  • XLVIII. Army Awards 2010

  • Painting of the 19th century in Segovia. From neo-classicism to realism. Social and Cultural Centre Caja Segovia

  • Jorge Zarco. Contemporary Portrait

  • The art of light. László Moholy-Nagy – Nagy

  • Henry Rousseau (1844-1910). Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. Carlos García of Olalla

  • Carlos Saura Riaza. A painting full of color and energy. Joaquín Lledó

  • Motion anatomy. Photographs of Harold Edgerton. Fundación BBVA, Madrid

  • The subversion of the images. Fundación Mapfre, Madrid. Jesús Tablate

  • Two photographies. Two visions. Leticia Felgueroso and Helena safe – Torrella. Gallery Bat, Alberto Cornejo. Jesús Tablate

  • Poems of Federico Mayor Zaragoza illustrated by Mercedes Gómez-Pablos. Carlos García de Olalla

  • Ghirlandaio and the Renaissance in Florence. Museum Thyssen Bornesmiza, Madrid. Jesús Tablate Miquis

  • Turner and the masters. Museo del Prado. Federico Echevarría

  • German painting in the first decade of the third millennium. Anna Rimblas

  • Albert von Keller. The Swiss occultist. Kunsthaus Zurich. Joaquin lledo

  • Ecoes of Arcadia. 19Th century American landscape. Gonzalo Pernas frias

  • Historiae Naturalis. Johannes Jonstonus. P Avilleira

  • Gabriela Morawetz. Closer to me than myself. Magalli Berenguer