Art and Literature Magazine – Album Letras Artes

PhotoEspaña 2011, Walton Ford, Alfred Stevens, Amberes, Jacques Henri Lastigue, Salzburg, Goethe

Contents Summer 2011

  • Sacred Gold. Bilbao Museum of fine arts. Foundation BBK

  • Faces. Collection Granados. Social work and Cultural box Segovia

  • Looking for a dream of passion and joy. Korean cultural center in Spain

  • Bayo Marin. Between lights and shadows. Eduardo Laborda

  • A hand with pencil. Drawings of the 20th century. Collection Fundación Mapfre. Federico Echevarria

  • Poland. Treasures and art collections. Gonzalo Pernas Frias

  • Rome. Nature and ideal. Landscapes 1600-1650. 2011.The  Prado Museum

  • Photoespana National Museum. Sofía Rojí

  • Jacques Henri Lartigue “Joie de vivre”. Caixa Forum Madrid. Alejandro Stock

  • Walton Ford. Edwin Beaton

  • Alfred Stevens. The Belgian painter of the Belle Époque. Joaquin Lledo

  • Ambers The MAS. Museum of museums. Ana Rimblas Mira

  • Salzburg. Ana Rimblas Mira & Jesús Tablate Miquis

  • Nicola Constantine. The enigmatic beauty. Jesús Tablate Miquis