Art and Literature Magazine – Album Letras Artes

Max Svabinsky, Imogen Cunningham, British Art

Contents Autumn 2012

  • Fernando Botero. Celebration Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao. Foundation BBK 
  • Tiflological Museum. Joaquín Lledó 
  • Palazuelo. Line and plane in the space. Francisco Godia Foundation, Barcelona
  • Towers and skyscraper from Babel to Dubai. Obra social de La Caixa
  • Cartier’s art. Joaquín Lledó
  • Hunters of trends? The assumed names of the Spanish mode. Pedro Mansilla
  • Imogen Cunningham. Julio Castellano
  • Gauguin and the trip to the exotic. Federico Echevarría 
  • The island of the exchequer. Holbein’s British art to Hockney. Alejandro Stock 
  • Max Svabinsky. An approximation to the paradise. Jesús Tablate
  • Lucerne. The jewel of the lake. A.R.M. and J.T.M
  • Museum of the Arts and Center of Congresses of Lucerne. A.R.M. and J.T.M. 
  • The Rossengart collection. Joaquín Lledó
  • Guests to the paradise. The tourist Swiss cartels. Ana Rimblas Mira
  • Still life and Another things. Javier Paniagua