Art and Literature Magazine – Album Letras Artes

“American chiefs”, Angelica Kauffman, Sorolla, Bregenz . Voralberg, Rafael Argullol, Tim Walker




  • Selections of the Collection. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao III
  • Néstor Basterretxea. Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao. Foundation BBK.
  • Ma Yansong. Between the (global) modernity and the (local) tradition. ICO Museum, Madrid.
  • Anglada-Camarasa. Arabesque and seduction. Carmen Thyssen Museum, Málaga.
  • Manuel Franquelo, the young. Images of race maker. Jesus Tablate Miquis.
  • The XXVIIth Reward of Painting BMW. P. Avilleira. House of Cows, Madrid.
  • The young Van Dyck. El Prado National Museum. Joaquín Lledó.
  • Portraits. Masterpieces Centre Pompidou. Federico Echevarría.
  • Goya and infante Don Luis. Patrimonio Nacional and Banco Santander Foundation. Royal Palace of Madrid.
  • Sorolla, gardens of light. Sorolla Museum, Madrid. Ana Rimblas Mira.
  • American chiefs. Adams and La Farge in the South Pacific. Gonzalo Pernas.
  • Angelica Kauffman. Under Minerva’s aegis. Museum of Art of Bregenz. Jesus Tablate Miquis.
  • Bregenz Voralberg. The pearl of the lake between mountains. Ana Rimblas and Jesus Tablate.
  • Rolls-Royce Museum. Dornbirn, Voralberg. Ana Rimblas and Jesus Tablate.
  • Oskar Kokoschka’s Vienna. Ana Rimblas Mira Kiochi Sato. Local images where the Sun is born. Alejandro Stock.
  • Tim Walker. Fairy-tales. Robin Muir.
  • French Flair. Sébastien Siraudeau. Publishing house Flammaraion.