Philosophy of Álbum

Filosofía Album Letras Artes

Álbum Letras Artesis an invitation to a journey towards beauty and some kind of initiation rite during which we have always strove to offer our readers the knowledge that allows savoring art treasures deeper and deeper and more intensely.

All over the years, we have sought the fundamental experience of the artistic fact that will open up a more beautiful and noble dimension of the human being; We, contributors of the Álbum, share the belief that a real artistic creation must possess the initiation dimension; that is to say, it must be involved in the task of revealing a spiritual reality, something it cannot and should not relinquish; and we have always been guided and inspired by the belief in this potentiality of the genuine artistic creation, a belief that can be considered mystical.

From the first artistic expressions to the most recent works, the consecutive perceptions of Classicism as well as the various movements that sought change, we can feel the same inspiration from one century to the other through the work of some exceptional artist who in some way are the visible expression of the mysterious Chorus Mysticus, that is to say, “the group of people to whom we owe the secret power of human civilization” referred to by the so-called Perennial Phylosophy.

We take interest in everything that can reveal itself as fulfilling and enriching for our mind, for our art. We are always searching for those arcane harmonies of art which possess the magical power of converting life into a fascinating adventure that renders us more honorable and noble. These have been our criteria, our stance during all these twenty-five years.

We hope these values continue to throw light upon our work for the coming years.

Welcome to Álbum´s world.