Qué es Álbum


Edited with many attention and care in all its details and realized using the best and more modern technologies of printing, Album Letras Artes calls the attention Álbum Letras Artes to the reader by its beauty and great quality of its numerous illustrations. This magazine is a publication designed and created to collect it.

Álbum Letras-Artesrather from taking an ephemeral character as a periodic magazine of cultural and artistic information, works actually as a permanent issue of documentation and consultation, both in the public libraries and in the private collections.

Its content helps to it, besides the already mentioned abundance and beauty of its images. Close to the articles about the imperishable work of the big teachers, there are numerous works that seek to offer to the reader important and less known aspects about the Fine Arts such as those dedicated to the elegant painting of the 19th century in the United States or in Australia, to the End of Century of Poland painting, or to the New Dutch Realism, or even those that deal with the artistic and cultural reality of some cities.