Viaje por Egipto y Asia Menor As the essayist and novelist Ramon Mayratasays in his Preamble: “This book has touch of silk, a matter that traditionally has transmitted to West the soft and a bit morbid caress of the beauty of the East. In the past his pleasant fret was an insinuation to aspire to the profit or to the adventure, also to the possession or to the knowledge, bait that are never in the habit of being absent in the baggage of the one who travels.

The Silk route begun precisely in the regions that this book crosses. It was departing from Antioch, in the Asian bank of the Mediterranean, spreading out as a tale from the book of the thousand nights and one night in an endless statement to the distant East”

It is Illustrated with more of half a hundred of lithographies and engravings chosen carefully by Jesus Tablate, who has could harmonize precious and rare works as the engravings by the draftsman and archeologist Ernest Breton, by Rovarkue, by Théophile-Emmanuel Duverger, by the teacher of the etching Joseph Satler or by Jean Sadeler, member of an engravers’ dynasty to the burin of Brussels that goes back to the 16th century, but also with David Roberts’s wonderful lithographies and splendid fragments of some of the famous orientalist painters of the epoch, to create with all this a work in the best tradition of the edition of books of art.

Two brief and pleasant texts , “The lightning of the pure land” by Ramon Mayrata and “The place where the Sun was born” by P. Avilleira, guides the reader in this fascinating travel to the East and his mysteries.

(only available in spanish)